[309] DevOps (PHP + Node.js)

Ho Chi Minh

$3000 - $4000
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Job skills
$3000 ++ DevOps NodeJS PHP

Job Details

  • We’re developing an IT operations team that will handle production deployments & we need the Dev Ops person to setup the deployments and document and work with the IT team (none of the development team will have access to the production environments)
  • There are a lot of technologies (and challenges) to work on: AWS Beanstalk (using docker), ElastiCache (memcache/redis), RDS, Route 53 (DNS), SQS, SES, etc
  • We’re using:
    • A combination of GitHub and BitBucket
    • TravisCI (but we don’t like it from an environment/package deployment perspective so would be looking at the new hire to come in and help us setup)
    • MongoDB and will likely be bringing in other NoSQL and big data platforms, so knowledge of how to setup and manage Mongo in a standalone environment would be good
  • We need someone to help us manage our Git repo and branching strategy.

We're looking for someone ...

  • Mostly doing PHP and Node.js for backend and web services
  • Having experience of DevOps on mobile platforms would be a big plus
  • Do automated build/packages as well as automating the unit and functional testing
  • Deployment will be on AWS into the development environments.
  • This will really be a combination of someone with experience setting up & managing development/testing environments and automated CI/CD environments.
  • Having basic understanding of how to secure systems would be good