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Many thanks for using our website! – IT Jobs (Vietnam) is a free-to-use IT recruiting website:

  • Companies can register for employer accounts and post IT jobs
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It’s all free. There is no hidden fee!
  • I paid for the domain by myself, yearly.
  • A big thank to, who supports us to host this website on their shared hosting, for free.
  • A big thank to a good (but super lazy) web programmer who has developed this website with a very friendly price.
    (I highlight these words so he can read it).
  • A big thank Amazon for their free email service which we’re using for our notifications emailing system.
  • I do web master job (review employer profiles, approve/edit jobs) during business hours.
We aim to:
  • Move to VPS plan instead of shared hosting one.
  • Finish all uncompleted features (featured jobs, hot job, edit/delete/renew functions…).
  • Develop new features for for employers and candidates sides.
  • More SEO friendly.
We hope:
  • It would be so great if there are some supports from community to continue this project.
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