Nexon Networks Vina Company Limited

Game Tester / QA

Nexon Networks Vina Company Limited

Ho Chi Minh
Viettel Building, Located on 285 Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Games QC QA

Job Details

We perform testing, management, and feedback tasks for quality control of games.

  • During the testing process, game patch, test server operation, functional test, and hardware test are conducted.
  • We manage Bug Tracking System (BTS), Project Management System (PMS) management (Schedule Management) and development asset management in the management process.
  • During the feedback process, we will carry out planning document review, game log analysis, market research, game analysis and evaluation, and focus group test (FGT).

Job Requirements

  • Entry level job seeker (or Have some testing and working experience at Software QA field)
  • Intermediate level game play experience• Good attitude and discipline to respect company rules, policies
  • Learning motivation about new things
  • Good MS Office proficiency
  • English level could be average but could have writing skill to describe issue
  • Self-motivated, discipline, good attitude, respect team mate and leaders
  • Ambition about bring the high quality services for company


Please do attach the answers to the Question that I wrote below with your CV

  1. What do you know about mobile gaming and have you ever play any mobile games before or currently ?
  2. What is the different and common between testing game and testing software ?
  3. If we hired you, lets us know what you should do for our company and for yourself in next 2 years ?
  4. From your thinking, lets us know what are conditions or requirements that need to being gaming tester ?
  5. Example if you are working in Gaming industry more than 3 years, what will you do to have the chance to get higher salary or even get a promotion ?
  6. Why you choose Nexon company to join and work ?
  7. Why we not hired you ? (hard question :D)

We offer

  • Chance to work on global projects with multicultural teams, top games of the world
  • On-the-job training opportunities in Korea
  • Professional work environment
  • Every employee is valued, treated fairly and trusted at open culture
  • 13th salary every year at least 1 month salary
  • Government social, health and unemployment insurance
  • Overtime working policy (Extra salary or day off)