[949] Front end Developer

Ho Chi Minh
Tan Binh Dist.

$1500 - $2400
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AngularJS JavaScript

Job Details

  • Self-managing and contributing to the product development activities including both internal projects and joint development projects;
  • Conducting end-to-end analysis that includes data gathering and requirements specification, analysis, and ongoing deliverables;
  • Understanding and breaking user stories and acceptance criteria down into technical requirements that you will then use to plan sprints and develop;
  • Working with the Product and Data Science team to brainstorm, design the architecture, evaluate technologies, implement POCs, benchmark and productionise the ideas;


  • Understanding and implementing analytical dashboards and machine learning model visualisations;
  • Working with the Sales and Marketing team to understand the requirements and support our clients.
  • Mentoring and providing training to associate/junior software engineers and interns, motivating them to reach the next level;
  • Understanding and advocating our long-term vision while working with the management and product teams to define and adapt the same; and
  • Contributing to the evangelisation of our product and our culture internally and externally.

Job Requirements

  • Be able to write well-designed, testable, and efficient code, and have extensive experience in writing unit tests and acceptance tests;
  • Proven ability to analyze, troubleshoot and accelerate software implementation;
  • Have a solid and in-depth understanding of the internal mechanisms of JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML/CSS and modern web browsers;
  • Rich experience in Angular framework, single-page application architecture, reactive programming libraries (such as RxJS and Redux-style state management framework);


  • Based on standards, guidelines and best practices, have extensive experience in developing HTML pages from graphic design assets (Adobe, Sketch or InvisionApp);
  • Experience in using graphics/chart generation libraries (such as D3 or eCharts) in high-performance data presentation interface is preferred;
  • A good understanding of performance optimization, algorithms, data structure, computational complexity, data analysis, and dashboard/visualization is highly valued;
  • Track record with practical experience in modern software engineering methods (preferably more than 4 years).

How to Apply

You can apply to this job via “Apply now” button, or send you CV to one of our recruiters, at:

  • Nhi Ha (Ms): or
  • Duong Le (Ms): or
  • Tu Phan (Ms):

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