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We are “IT Jobs (Vietnam)”

Xin chào!
Bonjour !

JobSeekers.vn is a recruiting website which focuses on IT jobs in Vietnam.
It’s free to use for both employers and job seekers.

There are 3 types of job ad on our website:

  1. Normal job: Standard job ad as usual. Latest jobs will stay above the old ones.
  2. Hot Job!:
    • The job is highlighted with a color label to attract attention from job seekers.
    • Company profile & its job list could be browsed quickly & easily through always-on-display logo at the right column.
  3. Featured Job:
    • The job is always on top of job list (page 01)
    • Always shown on top of search result.
    • The job is highlighted with a color label to attract attention from job seekers.

We also provide IT recruitment service to support companies in order to find candidates faster, with a very competitive price: JobSeeker.vn

We can be reached at: hello@jobseekers.vn
Or by “Contact us” box at the right-bottom corner.
IT Jobs (Vietnam) team!


Nói chuyện sao cho người khác hiểu, tưởng dễ mà không có dễ :)

Trong project, thường hay thấy tình trạng như thế này: PM hỏi dev cái bug này thế nào, dev giải thích 1 hồi xong kết luật thằng pm này óc bã đậu, nói hoài mà không hiểu; Client hỏi sao...

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Co-working Spaces in Vietnam (Saigon)

Traditional offices are so boring! I myself really love to work in a co-working space. I spent several months at SaigonHub, where was a very good one but sadly they were closed in 2014. In...

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