Aeho Solutions is developping Aeho a product focusing on multichannel sales strategies for actors in the retail industry.
We are innovative and always looking to improve ourselves. (angular 7 + java)

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Ho Chi Minh

92a nguyen huu can, Binh Thanh

Company information

Here is what we believe in:

At Aeho we strive for strong values we carry through our behaviors within but also outside the company: Ambition; Excellence; Honesty; Accessibility; Happiness

We believe in these values through everything we do. If you are here today with us, it’s also because we are sure you will stand for these values too!What we do and how we do it:

At Aeho we listen to our customers. Without them we couldn’t develop an amazing solution. It is very important to stay open minded and take nothing for granted. We always evolve and adapt to change.

Our mission is to satisfy our customers but we go further than that; We understand what they want, we provide them features with great design, and we are always here to support no matter their requirements. But most of all, we are proud of what we do, together as a team.Aeho needs you:We are very glad to have you with us, because we need your expertise and skills in development. We hope we will provide you with what you need to reach that goal. We hope you will have fun during this mission. Take initiatives, speak up, stand up for what you think is right, be yourself.Feel free to talk to us if something is wrong. Something going wrong doesn’t mean it’s negative, we are here to help finding solutions. Remember, Honesty is one of our core value.Join a team made of:-Senior internation CTO-Front end Vietnamese (Angular 7)-Back end Vietnamese (Java)-UxUi manager Vietnamese-Product manager-Marketing senior Vietnamese-2 founders French

We offer

We are looking for freelancers to work with Other vietnamese IT people and a Senior CTO.We can work remote.Part time salary between 7-10 USDFull time salary between 7-10USDIn both cases if we are happy working together we can have more benefits and discuss more long term. Again feel free to speak up and tell us your thoughts!

We're hiring

Back End Developer - JavaJavaAeho-Solutions Ho Chi MinhSalary: $550 - $800