[1218] Lead Unity Developer


$2500 - $3500
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C# Games Unity

Job Details

As lead developer, work with the team to develop Unity game, develop specific components and modules for 2D/3D including game mechanics, animations, sounds, VFX, and other modules as required.

Developing in Unity C#, create a robust and modular code which both adheres to the team code standards and enables other team members to easily integrate and collaborate. Working closely with other developers, designers, animators and VFX team to identify constraints, and work with the team to find solutions which are optimal for mobile.

  • Developing, optimizing mobile 2D/3D Game on Unity 3D platform
  • Good understanding of OOP, data structures and algorithms
  • Focus on good quality, reviewing own code as well as other unity developers, with priority on high quality code, and bug/defect turnarounds, and optimized code
  • Collaborate closely with Designers, Artists, Testers and other Developers with strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration to reach mutual agreements and decisions
  • Ensure the game features are implemented properly according to the requirements of Game Designers/PM according to the timelines
  • Ensuring that code is designed correctly for each game build and merge to be completed
  • Take an active role to identify and solve technical issues, propose solutions and identify ways to prevent these in the future
  • Analyze existing features of the game and making changes to meet current needs
  • Seek to solve any technical issues where possible.

Job Requirements

  • 4+ years of experience in developing Mobile Game using Unity
  • 4+ years experience in C# development: Experience with Unity scripting, textures, animation, particle systems, 3D assets, and physics
  • Previous experience and willingness to support more junior developers, guiding and supporting more junior developers
  • Familiar with programming architectures (MVC, MVP, etc.)
  • Familiar with 3D Assets (3D Characters, Environment, Lighting)
  • Experience working on game mechanics such as combat, quest-based, equipping, crafting/forging, inventory management, in-game stores
  • Experience in using GIT/GIT Hub
  • Experienced working in agile teams, rapid deployments
  • Experience in unit testing own or other developers work before releasing a build
  • Understands how to merge and build code for releases
  • Passionate gamer with experience, ideas and inputs to drive the game further
  • English speaking (able to communicate reasonably well, be understood)

Preferred but not required:

  • Previous experience working on a published game working with an international team
  • Experience in Server (Google cloud/Playfab/Photon) is a plus
  • 1+ product has been introduced to the international market, participate in maintaining games that are being released or prototype new game ideas
  • Knowledge of AI or some experience working on it
  • Experience with HLSL Shaders
  • Experience with Shader Graph

How to Apply

You can apply to this job via “Apply now” button, or send you CV to one of our recruiters, at:

  • Nhi Ha (Ms): or
  • Duong Le (Ms): or
  • Tu Phan (Ms): or
  • Trung Pham (Mr): or
  • Tham Mai Xuan (Ms): 

If you don’t see any feedback after 24 hours, please don’t hesitate to submit a report to

Thank you very much!