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Ho Chi Minh
No 6105, ICT Building, Fars Science and Technology Park (FSTP), Arian Mini City, Dr.Hessabi Boulevard, Shiraz City , Iran - Zip Code:7197687811

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Fortunately, our startup (Cheegel), won to be among the 15 selected teams in the Ninja Acceleration program in Vietnam. Now, in order to be able to run this acceleration program and introduce the startup Cheegel to investors in Vietnam, we need to have a Vietnamese teammate or partner.

We are looking for Someone who is familiar with the culture and business laws of the beautiful country of Vietnam. A person who can help our team better understand the business environment of our startup in Vietnam and play an effective role in creating value for our product (Cheegel online sales platform).

Job Requirements

2 years experiences in these areas:

  • Business Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Culture analyze
  • Startup development

We offer

  • 1-2 % Equity
  • Hi Growing Opportunity