A Cross Border Digital Marketplace for Developing Countries
Creating an online market for hosting and developing online sales of domestically made goods in developing countries

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No 6105, ICT Building, Fars Science and Technology Park (FSTP), Arian Mini City, Dr.Hessabi Boulevard, Shiraz City , Iran - Zip Code:7197687811

Company information

  • Cheegel business model is very intelligent and is based on the connection of the production and supply network of goods and the network of harvesting, transportation, distribution and delivery of goods on the system platform, and Cheegel focus is on the management of this chain. In the field of warehouse logistics, shipping logistics, Cheegel does not incur any costs, but focuses on the quality of logistics provided by others (outsourcing) and the development of a network of business partners / internal and external representatives to ensure the quality of network activities. The opportunities and numbers of market figures facing Cheegel are vast. If appropriate, effective and continuous marketing and advertising strategies are formulated, designed and implemented, this network will become one of the largest economies in the region and regular turnover in macro and strategic economics can be reviewed and evaluated
  • Cheegel Cross Border Marketplace provides a unique opportunity to develop online business in developing countries. This platform, which is hybrid in terms of business model, can be the infrastructure of domestic e-commerce with a focus on domestically made goods and the strategy of selling goods in each city in the same city and exporting goods from one city to another. From an international perspective, Cheegel will be the infrastructure of international trade in goods in the developing countries. Cheegel will definitely change the trade balance of the countries mentioned in this domain in the field of exports.

Cheegel Roadmap 2021

  • Transformation in user experience (UX) based on studies to select and model the best in the world
  • Development of a mature version based on the new mobile user experience
  • Changing the database infrastructure to the Super Large Database technology
  • Development of micro-services
  • Development of artificial intelligence technology
  • Implementing digital currency in Cheegel Digital Currency Wallet

We offer

  • 1% Equity
  • Hi Growing Opportunity


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