[1240] Agile Delivery Manager

Ho Chi Minh
Tan Binh Dist.

$3000 - $4000
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Agile Manager

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Job Requirements

  • Defining optimal team structure based on business needs.
  • Hiring and assigning right people to teams on time.
  • Identify bottlenecks on resources and communicate with relevant stakeholders to have proper members prepared for future needs


  • Conducting the risk assessment.
  • Reviewing and aligning with relevant stakeholders.


  • Ensuring teams are self-organizing to solve problems.
  • Ensuring teams follow Agile practice standards.
  • Creating good environment to support team perform their highest performance.


  • Doing one on one meeting with members.
  • Understanding members’ pain points.
  • Supporting SM to enhance members’ motivation.
  • Knowing how to and can make motivate other to get things done.


  • Reviewing members’s OKR setting.
  • Following up OKR implementation with members
  • Reviewing and feedbacking members’s OKR result


  • Working with SM to proceed and improve Agile maturity
  • Working with SM or QA to proceed and improve QA maturity

How to Apply

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