[961] Data Scientist


$1600 - $2500
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GoLang Java Python Scala

Job Details

  • Primarily be a self-managing individual contributor. Research and develop new cutting-edge AI algorithms using techniques such as supervised/unsupervised ML, statistical/Bayesian inference etc. to power the AI & Analytics Engine with better, smarter, and more diverse recommendations for the end users;
  • Bring your novel ideas to a production-ready state by implementing them as modules, while adhering to industry standards in coding: quality, maintainability, and in conformance with the overall architecture are of paramount importance;
  • Participate in product-steering sessions in your technical capacity to:
    • Pitch new ideas to improve the product;
    • Respond to user feedback and business requirements by providing the necessary technical directions from a Data Scientist’s perspective, to put items on the product roadmap;
  • Participate in the delivery of our product to customers and other customer facing activities;
  • Participate in technical content writing. This may be in the form of product documentation, blog articles highlighting new features and use cases, as and when the need arises;
  • Understand and advocate our long-term vision while working with the management and product teams to define and adapt the same; and
  • Contribute to the evangelisation of our product and our culture internally and externally.

Job Requirements

  • A self-starter with a strong passion for excellence. You always want to go above and beyond in everything you do;
  • An entrepreneurial “can-do” attitude and an innovative mindset;
  • Savvy and professional, ethical, and well developed interpersonal skills;
  • Preferably holding a Masters by Research, PhD or Postdoc in computer science (includes AI and Data Science), mathematics, physics, or engineering;


  • Sound in the mathematical foundations of ML/AI coupled with practical skills in these fields;
  • Good hands-on skills in statistical modeling and data analysis (pandas, Dask, Spark, etc.);
  • Experience with multiple ML/DL frameworks (scikit-learn, Dask, Spark Mllib/ML, XGBoost, LightGBM, TensorFlow, Torch, etc.). We expect you to know when and how best to employ them and understand various trade-offs.;
  • Understanding of performance issues such as scalability, complexity, and memory footprint of various algorithms;
  • Sound problem solving skills and algorithmic approach;


  • Expert understanding in at least one specialisation area within ML/AI:
    • Modern NLP/NLU using DL frameworks;
    • Scaling supervised and unsupervised ML algorithms to large data;
    • Bayesian Optimisation (for hyperparameter search and model selection);
    • PU Learning;
    • Active Learning;
    • Time-series analysis including classification, forecasting, and survival analysis;
    • GPU acceleration for ML/DL;
    • Explainable AI;
    • Applications of graphical models in AI such as Bayesian networks, Markov random fields, etc.
  • Demonstrated ability to write code that can run in production, in at least one of the following languages: Python, R, Scala, Julia, Java, C++, or Go.

How to Apply

You can apply to this job via “Apply now” button, or send you CV to one of our recruiters, at:

  • Nhi Ha (Ms): or
  • Duong Le (Ms): or
  • Tu Phan (Ms):

If you don’t see any feedback after 24 hours, please don’t hesitate to submit a report to

Thank you very much!