Adaptis GmbH

Senior Drupal Developer

Adaptis GmbH

Ha Noi
168 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho district, Ha Noi

$1200 - $1800
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The Senior Drupal Developer has a wealth of proven experience in building complex applications in the Drupal ecosystem, and is capable of scoping and developing larger chunks of functionality with a greater degree of independence. The ideal candidate is visibly active in the Drupal community (e.g., active on discussions, contributes to or maintains a public Drupal project, has presented at a Drupal event, etc.).


  • Architect and build/theme custom Drupal 7/8 websites and applications;
  • Develop responsive HTML/CSS themes using a multitude of software/tools such as Photoshop, Sketch, and Zeplin provided by the creative team;
  • Show a strong desire and passion to implement new technologies to make the next project better than the last. We can always do better;
  • Work closely with creative team as necessary, to ensure proper implementation of designs to ensure adequate retention of user experience;
  • Work directly with creative director, designers, project managers, and user experience leads on assigned projects;
  • Be responsible for thorough cross-browser and cross-device testing of the product.

Job Requirements


  • 5+ years of experience building Web applications in PHP/MySQL and at least 3 years developing with Drupal CMS;
  • Experience managing deployments of Drupal projects with multiple developers across multiple environments;
  • Bachelor’s degree or sufficient related experience;
  • Experience building Web applications in PHP/MySQL and at least 2 years developing with Drupal CMS;
  • Expertise in Drupal core concepts, APIs, module and theme development;
  • Knowledge of user-contributed module landscape and ecosystem and corresponding ability to determine whether existing modules can fulfill solution requirements;
  • Understanding of HTTP request/response lifecycle;
  • Basic familiarity with LAMP stack (SSH, command line tools, web server);
  • Comprehension of SQL queries and basic database design concepts;
  • Proficiency in using Git and related workflows for source control management;
  • Strong analytical, problem solving, and decision-making capabilities.

We offer

    • Multinational working environment. You can work with many expat in the office as well as end clients over the globe.
    • English training course.
    • Front-end and Back-end training course to drive you to Full-stack developer.
    • Happy hour event happens everyday
    • Game zone, Gymnastic tools
    • Free books and training course to update latest technologies
    • Annual vacation.
    • Unlimited day off. (We won’t count, so no worries)
    • Project bonus in cash
    • Coffee master and photography club.
    • Only work overtime when you accept and client paid for that.
    • OT (overtime) is paid 150% – 300%. But you have right to deny.
    • We decide what technology / framework we want to work on, not by the sale team.
    • Parties every month.
    • We are global business with branches in Switzerland, Dubai, Singapore, Hongkong, Australia and expanding to UK, Germany. So you have massive opportunity to go onsite on multiple projects.


    • Accountability and responsibility. Everyone has to commit on what he/she promise.
    • You’re respected. It means you can make decision on the project technical approach.
    • You have right to deny bad quality of scope, delivery, code, and so forth.
    • You have right to lead.
    • You have NO manager, you can talk, discuss, argue with the boss.
    • We build a family, not build a corporate.


    • NET $1200 – $1800++. Depends on your experiences and knowledge.
    • Performance and salary review is all based on your progress, there’s no limit.


    Working policies

    • Full time as mandatory, but you can work remotely few days / week.
    • Start 8:30am – end 5:30pm, but it’s flexible as long as it’s suitable to you and the team.
    • You have to learn hard, work hard to get success here.
    • Performance review every 12 months.
    • You need to ask and present your idea before coding, it’s a must.


    • Vietnamese – fluent.
    • English – can chat, email, read document.