KromLab is the Research & Development entity of XOMAD. We have worked with Fortune 500 brands, including Unilever, L’Oréal, Nivea and more to develop effective influencer campaigns.

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Ho Chi Minh

District 1, Ho Chi Minh

Company information

XOMAD was one of the first influencer marketing agencies in the US. The company started in the days before social media took off… Facebook was just becoming a marketing tool, Instagram had barely launched, and we knew that social media was going to become the new force within marketing.

Since its conception, XOMAD has connected thousands of Bloggers, Instagramers, Snapchaters, Facebookers and Tweeters to Fortune 100 companies such as Unilever (Dove, AXE, Degree, Caress, Suave, Motions), L’Oréal, Showtime, CROSS, Ocean Spray, and Nivea, to name a few. The company is led by a former sports star agent and former president of Champion Footwear and is backed by an ex-Google strategic advisor/Emmy Award winning producer.

Recognizing the power of data intelligence technologies, XOMAD signed KromLab on in 2016 as the company’s Technology and R&D entity in Ho Chi Minh to develop cutting edge technologies that revolutionize influencer marketing. Our local team consists of more than 15 members, who are passionate about developing exciting new smart platforms powered by the best of breed data technologies that the social media stars of the world love!

Specifically, we are developing the following:

1 – A data mining and profiling system that automatically identifies and profiles lifestyle influencers on social media (currently Instagram & Twitter). Each profile goes through a number of classification processors to identify and profile different characteristics of a profile. We are applying many AI and machine learning techniques from analyzing the text of what people wrote on social media with NLP to analyzing images to understand the context of the image using deep learning models.

2 – A trend detection engine that automatically alerts brands about emerging lifestyle trends among their target audiences.

3 – A web-based collaborative activation platform that connects high-profile social media users to local and Fortune 500 brands, and delivers effective authentic content to target market demographics.

4 – A web-based business application that equips influencers with necessary tools to build, grow, and manage their business of influence, including a recommendation capability for lead generation and pitch creation.

Our senior development team consists of a well-respected ElasticSearch expert – Duy Do, a humble ex-Misfit/ time-series database specialist – Trung Huynh, a beer-lover yet highly competent ex-Sentifi Frontend lead – Thong Nguyen, and a world nomad HCMUS alum data ninja/scientist – Hoan Nguyen.

We're hiring

Front-end EngineerAngularJSHTML CSSJavaScriptKromLab Ho Chi MinhSalary: Up to $1500
Senior Front-end DeveloperEnglishHTML CSSJavaScriptKromLab Ho Chi MinhSalary: Up to $1500
DevOps/SysOps AdministratorLinux UnixSystem AdminDevOpsKromLab Ho Chi MinhSalary: Up to $2000
Junior QC Engineer 2019AgileJavaScriptMobile AppsKromLab Ho Chi MinhSalary: Negotiable
QC/QA EngineerBusiness AnalystQC QAFresherKromLab Ho Chi MinhSalary: $600 - $1000
Junior Data ScientistArtificial IntelligenceMachine LearningData ScientistKromLab Ho Chi MinhSalary: $700 - $1500
Data EngineerDatabaseBigDataData EngineeringKromLab Ho Chi MinhSalary: $950 - $2000